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Lightship Capital Leads Round For Mobile Dentistry Startup

The latest addition to Lightship Capital’s growing roster of portfolio companies is NewMe Bootcamp alum, Kare Mobile. Lightship Capital led this round of investment into the healthtech startup who began as a mobile app connecting patients to dentists based on location, availability, insurance, and desired procedure— then expanded in 2018 to include a mobile dental practice with a focus on serving those most affected by lack of access to affordable, available dental health services.

“I felt a synergy with Candice and Brian the first time we met in person at the NewMe Bootcamp last year.” Explains Dr. Kwane Watson, Founder and CEO of Kare Mobile. “ I have been working on Kare for three years and the team at Lightship Capital was the first to not just say “good idea”, but to show they believed in Kare by providing capital that will help us add new team members and resources essential to scale.” He adds. “It has reenergized my team and I, to tackle future challenges, as we continue our mission of improving access and increasing mobile practice ownership.”

Shifts in consumer expectation, leading edge technology and reliance on mobile devices are encouraging dental professionals to realign their approach to patient care. Ongoing innovation in the space continues to work in the direction of frictionless doctor-patient interactions, and Kare Mobile is at the forefront of this movement.

“Affordable, accessible dental care, often out of reach for residents in underrepresented communities— is now possible through the Kare Mobile model.” Says Brian Brackeen, General Partner of Lightship Capital. “Dr. Kwane’s work is breaking barriers in terms of access to and innovation in dentistry— and as Lightship Capital enters into partnerships with corporations like Delta Dental— investment in Kare Mobile is a perfect opportunity to leverage these relationships in such a way that we are able to reach patients from Louisville and Cincinnati, up to Detroit, and really— all over the Midwest.”

About Lightship Capital

Lightship Capital invests in underrepresented entrepreneurs across the Midwest with a dynamic approach to portfolio building that includes finding & funding the most remarkable, yet overlooked opportunities in venture. They work with companies led by BIPOC, LBGTQ+, Women & people with disabilities who operate in the CPG, E-Commerce, Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence, and Healthtech spaces.

About Kare Mobile

Based in Louisville, KY, Kare Mobile is an app driven mobile dentistry provider. Their services reach patients who are typically outside access to dental care due to limitations inherent to traditional office scheduling and/or lack of financial resources. Kare Mobile is dedicated to serving patients by overcoming their barriers to care.

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