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Lightship Capital Invests in Brevity

Today Lightship Capital announces investment in Brevity, an AI driven software guiding individuals and organizations in the creation of effective pitch/presentation communications. Childhood friends and founders Kelvin Johnson Jr. and Maximilian Huc founded Brevity with the goal of helping entrepreneurs, business professionals, and all seeking the benefits of professional pitch and presentation communications. Since 2020, Brevity has enabled users to raise millions in capital, grow sales, close contracts, and more.

“The value of partnering with Venture Capital Firms goes beyond capital.” says Kelvin Johnson Jr., Co-Founder of Brevity “In 2022, Brevity’s software was integral in securing a contract for over $24 million more than the company was able to close independently, the year before. Facilitating this kind of growth is our “why”, which is in alignment with the culture at Lightship Capital. This combined with their connections and track record within the AI space, make us excited about joining the Lightship Capital family.”

Lightship invested alongside an oversubscribed $1.5M seed round. Brevity is currently participating in Lightship Foundation’s Tulsa, Oklahoma Accelerator program and will continue to have access to Lightship’s interactive startup growth focussed programming.

“All day we're pitching. Whether it's pitching to customers, funders, or your own teammates, so much of our life is dictated by our ability to craft a great pitch.” explains Alexis Alston, Senior Investment Analyst at Lightship Capital. “ We're elated to see how Brevity's AI can close the pitch divide for so many companies, organizations, and founders and level the playing field and we are excited to be a part of the next chapter of AI driven persuasive communication.”

About Brevity

Brevity delivers AI driven software with one intended purpose, and that is to guide individuals and organizations to the funding, contracts and desired outcomes intended through pitch and presentation communications. The creation of effective pitch/presentation language is highly variable and takes years of practice to master. Yet, most pitches and presentations are created by entrepreneurs and business professionals who do not specialize in this very specific and crucial form of messaging. Brevity leverages AI to lend this communications expertise to its users for results that raise capital, sales, and confidence.

About Lightship Capital

Lightship Capital invests in remarkable entrepreneurs across the nation. By seeking talent across demographics and geographies typically underfunded by majority investment firms, Lightship finds and develops high growth companies while catalyzing emerging ecosystems.

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