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LIGHTSHIP is a founder focused investment fund. We identify amazing technology driven startups


founded/led by underrepresented professionals, and surround them with the education, collaboration,


and capital necessary to scale toward exit. Our fund is modeled to offer underrepresented founders an


alternative to traditional firms— enabling them to avoid the challenges associated with traditional


funding.We join or lead rounds, we don’t require board seats to invest, and if/when we are invited to


serve on the board— we strongly support the founder. We’re also willing to bridge our portfolio


companies to their next round, and reserve capital so that we can participate in future rounds. At


Lightship, we bet on the jockey, as much as we bet on the horse. Founded and managed by


entrepreneurs, Lightship recognizes that early stage investment strategy begins with a great feeling


about a company and its founder— and expands to include growth centric portfolio management


built around key corporate and government alliances, access to professionaservices and training, and


meaningful follow-on. Our approach is comprehensive and constructed to cultivate organic,


sustainable growth.