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Lightship Capital x SecondMuse

At Lightship Capital we believe the future of venture funding should include the innovative, underrepresented founders & overlooked regions who are deserving of the capital they need to thrive— yet exist outside meaningful access to it. As we work toward catalyzing the change necessary to realize investment equality, we are so pleased to have investors like SecondMuse joining us on our mission!

Who is 2M?

SecondMuse is an amazing impact and innovation company that builds resilient economies by supporting entrepreneurs and the ecosystems around them. They do this by designing, developing, and implementing a mix of innovation programming and investing capital.

From Singapore to San Francisco, SecondMuse programs define inspiring visions, build lasting businesses and unite people across the globe. Over the last decade, they’ve designed and implemented programs on 7 continents with 600+ organizations such as NASA, The World Bank, and Nike.

The venture capital market has failed Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and ultimately, itself. There are incredible deals that are simply being overlooked, and venture capitalists who aren’t intentionally diversifying their portfolio, who are skipping out on exploring deals in every community— are simply not going to see outsized returns. Monocultures most always lead to large scale failures.” - Candice Matthews Brackeen, Managing Partner, Lightship Capital

Working together for large-scale, positive impact.

SecondMuse believes that profit and purpose can co-exist— and so do we. Overlooked founders and regions account for more than a trillion dollars in unrealized returns. By aggressively working to close these funding gaps, Lightship Capital and SecondMuse will create the opportunity to both reconcile and profit from this trillion-dollar marketplace failure, as represented by underrepresented founders (women, BIPOC), alone.

This venture is the largest-ever venture capital fund dedicated to backing underrepresented minority entrepreneurs in overlooked regions of the US: BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of color), the LGBTQ+ community, and people with disabilities. It’s the first of its kind, and our friends at SecondMuse believe it will produce the most top-performing, impactful venture fund in history!


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