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We ❤️  founders.

We love bold, passionate, leaders of teams, recruiters of talent,

seekers of truth.

We love founders who built their products BEFORE taking any investment. Founders who left well


paying jobs to pursue this dream.


You. are. fearless.

You can be a CPG company, B2B, Consumer, SaaS, even AI company… we have experience and


connections with all of those.



You are growing so fast you can’t sleep.



You don’t NEED investment to feed yourself, you want investment because the company is at a stage


where you need strategic help.



You need help hiring, getting more value out of your marketing, expanding nationally and internationally,


help with design, help augmenting your AI team, help building your AI team, bringing your tech team


in-house from overseas, raising the next round, seeing into the future.



You, your co-founder, or a large part of your team, are part of any underrepresented group in venture





You consistently hit your numbers, in fact you blow them out of the water.


You are post revenue, or if not, show ungodly traction.


We invest between $125,000 - and $300,000 into early stage companies, often your first institutional


investor. We usually invest between a 2 million dollar and 6 million dollar valuation.We lead rounds, with


founder friendly terms. We do our best to make sure that Vulture Capitalist don’t harm you. (We

have lots of stories). We explain funding to our founders, and also let them know when other investors


“advice” is really what’s best for the investor.


Idea stage founders who have not started yet.

Founders who have not quit their day jobs yet.



Founders who don’t have product market fit.